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Ted Andrews' Animal-Speak Runes / Now Available!

ISBN 978-1-888767-58-2  /  $24.95 USA
Contains 40 wooden rune-like charms, imitation silk, carrying bag and 128 page guide book.
Discover one of the most innovative and astoundingly
accurate oracles ever developed!

If you only own one oracle, this is the one to have!
Its accuracy and ease of use will amaze you.
Now in stock and available!!

(Boxed set includes 128 page guidebook, and 40 feathered omen cards in full color)
ISBN 978-1888767-56-8  /  $24.95 USA

New Spoken Audio!!
Re-mastered and now available in CD format!!

About the music you are hearing:
Dance of the Unicorn is an orginal composition by Ted Andrews
for piano and violin.
Copyright (c) 1996 / All rights reserved.

The store is now open!

Also Coming November 2009 !!

1999 Visionary Book of the Year
Expanded and Revised
10 Year Anniversary Edition

From the world's leading authority on animal messengers and author of the modern classic ANIMAL-SPEAK comes a revised and expanded version of its best selling sequel. In 1999, Animal-Wise swept the Visionary Book Awards at the International New Age Trade Show - winning Best Spirituality Book, Best Non-Fiction Book, Best General Interest Book and Visionary Book of the Year . Now you can explore the in-depth meanings  of nearly 200 animals not found in ANIMAL-SPEAK.       
ISBN 978-1-888767-63-6  /  $22.95)

             Now in stock and available!!!

Sometimes an animal's message is too important to wait until we get home to explore it.From the leading authority on animal messengers and author of the modern classics ANIMAL-SPEAK and ANIMAL-WISE comes the solution. Ted Andrews' ANIMAL-SPEAK POCKET GUIDE is small enough to fit comfortably in a pants pocket, inside your coat,/tucked easily into a purse or suitcase or the glove compartment of your car. This pocket guide provides abbreviated meanings and messages of more than 290 animals (including birds, mammals, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians and sea life and more.)            
      ISBN 978-1888767-61-2   (4 X 6) softbound / $6.95

Now you can uncover the basic meanings of animal messengers wherever you go!