Ted Andrews   was an internationally recognized author, storyteller,teacher and mystic. A leader in the human potential, metaphysical fields. He has written over 50 books that have been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages.

Ted was schooled in a variety of related holistic healing modalities, music therapy, herbal therapy, hypnotherapy, acupressure and other alternative methods. A clairvoyant since childhood, he was certified spiritual medium of almost 30 yrs.

Throughout his lifetime he worked with birds of prey, conducting educational classes in schools to help young people discover the wonder of nature. He also was a volunteer for Brukner Nature Center, helping care for the resident animal that were not able to be returned to the wild. He enjoyed his down time hanging out with his menagerie of animal on his farm. He is truly missed.

Books by Ted Andrews
Ted has authored 17 titles for Llewellyn Publications (www.llewellyn.com),
1 title for Hampton Roads Publishing (
www.hamptonroadspub.com) and
23 books and products for Dragonhawk Publishing :

Treasures of the Unicorn
More Simplified Magic
Music Therapy for Non-Musicians
Animal-Wise Tarot
The Nature-Speak Oracle
The Animal-Speak Workbook
Ted Andrews' Animal-Speak Calendar
The Animal-Speak Pocket Guide
Feathered Omens
Art of Shapeshifting
Animal Inspiration Cards I
Animal Inspiration Cards II
Ted Andrews' Animal-Speak Runes
Magic of Believing
Psychic Power
Spirits, Ghosts & Guardians
Faerie Charms
Secret Doors of the Qabala
The Occult Christ
The Intercession of Spirits

Ted Andrews' Books
through Llewellyn Publications:

Simplified Qabla Magic
Dream Alchemy
Sacred Power in Your Name
The Magickal Name
How to See & Read the Aura
How to Heal with Color
How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides
How to Uncover Past Lives
How to Perform Psychic Readings through Touch
Enchantment of the Faerie realm
The Healer's Manual
Magickal Dance
Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls
Sacred sounds
The Occult Christ

Other Ted Andrews Products:
Dreamsong of the Eagle   (Published by Hampton Roads)  www.hamptonroadspub.com

Animal-Speak - An Audio Workshop
(Produced by Sounds True)   www.soundstrue.com

Steward of the Earth Medallion, Animal-Speak Charms,
School of Magic Charms and  more (Deva Designs) www.devadesigns.net

Ted Andrews' Animal-Speak Jewelry Collection
(by Peter Stone Jewelers) www .peterstone.com.