For the first time, Ted Andrews reveals the amazing events of his life in the World of Spirit and in his Walk with Animals. He teaches how we can change our lives into one of wonder, blessings and miracles by opening our hearts to the intercession of spirits.

Winner of two Visionary Book Awards  as presented at the International New Age Trade Show  for:

                1.  Best Autobiography Book and 
                2.  Best General Interest Book.   


      Frauds and Fakes - Let's Get Real !!

Occasionally we hear rumors of fraudulent activity surrounding Ted Andrews and his books. This occurs in two areas primarily:

1.  In chat rooms on the internet, individuals occasionally pass themselves off as Ted or as a close friend of Ted - most often as a way of manipulating others for a variety of unsavory reasons. Because of the anonymity of the internet,  it is difficult to disprove when someone pretends to be someone else.

Please note: Ted Andrews has NEVER been in a chat room and will not ever be. Be very wary of anyone who says he is Ted Andrews or professes a close friendship with him. If you are unsure, inquire from us and we will be able to set you right. 

2.  Many people take information from his books and place it on their website without permission of the publisher. Often they pass it off as their own writings. This is infringement of copyright, and it is illegal to use the words of another without permission. And please be aware that just because something is found on the internet, it is not necessarily public domain material and free to be used by anyone in any way they desire.

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