1999 Visionary Book of the Year
Expanded and Revised
10 Year Anniversary Edition

From the world's leading authority on animal messengers and author of the modern classic ANIMAL-SPEAK comes a revised and expanded version of its best selling sequel. In 1999, Animal-Wise swept the Visionary Book Awards at the International New Age Trade Show - winning Best Spirituality Book , Best Non-Fiction Book , Best General Interest Book and Book of the Year . Now you can explore the in-depth meanings  of nearly 200 animals not found in ANIMAL-SPEAK.

ISBN 978-1-888767-63-6  /  $22.95

Learn more than 20 new techniques for attuning to animals and Nature.

  • Awaken the inner totem pole by uncovering the spirit animals of your chakras.

  • Explore the meaning and powers of nearly 200 animals not found in Animal-Speak.

  • Contains dictionaries of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, arachnids, sea life and amphibians.

"Andrews writes passionately and knowledgeably about learning from nature...Fascinating animal trivia is provided throughout...a great book for animal lovers as well as spiritual seekers."  - New Age Retailer