Treasures of the Unicorn

T reasures of the U nicorn
Ted Andrews

(ISBN 1-888767-25-1, softbound, 6x9, 247 pages, $12.95 USA)

- As seen on the 1998 "Ally McBeal" Christmas episode -

There is still a place where enchantment lives, where trees speak and flowers tell tales, where unicorns dance in the morning dew. Best selling author Ted Andrews guides you once more into Nature on the sacred quest for the unicorn. And on that quest you will find what was lost, heal what was hurt and restore life to what had died! The quest for the unicorn is the seeking of our lost wonder, and the secret to all sacred quests is that those who seek WILL find what they seek.

- Discover the reality of the unicorn.
- Awaken your intuitions through the unicorn.
- Learn the habitats, behaviors and animal companions of
       this magnificent creature.
- Open to one of the most dynamic  and gentle healing archetypes
       in the universe.
- Awaken to the power of the dragon and the phoenix.
- Strengthen astral flight and dream activity.
- Open to the wonders of the Faerie Realm.
- Uncover some of the mystical aspects of sexuality.
- Awaken greater clairvoyance.

"An enchanting work that will light up your bookshelf!" 
                            - NAPRA ReVIEW

"Ultimate unicorn lexicon...definitive and well researched." - Aquarius