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There is nothing like the feel of a quality hardbound book.

  •  From the beautiful cover jacket
  • To silver foil embossing on the cloth cover
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Some books make truly wonderful gifts, and so from time to time we do a special printing of a title for the true book lover.  One such title is our special edition copy of:

Treasures of the Un icorn
~The Return to the Sacred Quest~

Ted Andrews
(ISBN 1-888767-26-X, 6X9, 247 pages, $24.95 US)

"An enchanting work that will light up your bookshelf!"  - NAPRA ReView
~As seen on the 1998 Ally McBeal Christmas episode~

There is still a place where enchantment lives, where trees speak and flowers tell tales, where unicorns dance in the morning dew. Best selling author Ted Andrews guides you once more into Nature on the sacred quest for the unicorn. And on that quest you will find what was lost, heal what was hurt and restore life to what had died! The quest for the unicorn is the seeking of our lost wonder, and the secret to all sacred quests is that those who seek WILL find what they seek.

-  Discover the reality of the unicorn.
-  Awaken your intuition through the unicorn.
-  Learn the habitats, behaviors and animal companions of this magnificent creature.
-  Open to one of the most dynamic  and gentle healing archetypes in the universe.

This special autographed, hardbound edition is not available through any store. We are offering it to you at 50% off its usual retail price:

Retail Price:  $24.95     
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