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Awaken your Spirit and Transform your Life!!

    In ancient times, there were individuals capable of living between the physical and the spiritual. They could create what they desired and become whatever they dreamed. They lived the dreamtime while awake or asleep. They were the shapeshifters. And for the first time ever, their secrets are revealed.

    Connect with the animal kingdom in one of the most amazing and dynamic ways possible. Enhance your communications and awaken your totem's medicine within you. Take the next step into the mystery of animals and magic. Discover a foundation for some of the most amazing magical and mundane life skills. Through THE ART OF SHAPESHIFTING you will awaken your inner spirit, unfold your greatest potentials and transform your life!

ISBN 1-888767-32-4 (7X10), softbound, approximately 320 pages, photographs, illustrations, index, $22.95 US.

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