Music Therapy

This title is no longer available. 
Look for the revised, expanded edition
in 2009.

M usic T herapy for N on- M usicians


Ted Andrews

(ISBN 1-888767-31-6, softbound, 5 1/4 x 8, 326 pages, $9.95 US)

Did you know that waltz rhythms will ease digestion? Or that Baroque music is good for the heart? Did you know that a minuet will help respiratory difficulties? Discover the healing power of sound and music!

  • Learn simple music healing techniques and tools, regardless of your present knowledge (or lack of it) in music.

  • Learn how to combine music and sound with fragrance, color and movement for more powerful healing.

  • Learn how to use music to ease stress and strengthen the entire immune system.

  • This book contains music therapies for every system in the body that anyone can use successfully.