Magic of Believing

Vol. 1
M agic of B elieving
Ted Andrews

(ISBN 1-888767-43-X, hardbound, 5 1/4 x8, 256 pages, $18.95 US)

If you can believe, then it can be.
If you don't believe, then it will never be.
Discover the power of imagination and belief!

-  Learn how to make wishes come true.
-  Learn to weave a little glamour about you.
-  Learn to develop invisibility.
-  Learn to control the temperature.
-  Learn how to find lost things.
-  Learn how to sail through time and explore the past
       and the future.
-  Learn how to create a magical life and so much more!

Practice believing!

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help support St. Jude Children's Center for Pediatric Cancer. For more information, go to Charities .