Dreamsong of the Eagle

Dreamsong of the Eagle

By Ted Andrews

Illustrated by Deborah Hayner

ISBN 1-5174-294-8

Hardbound; approx 48 pages; $16.95 US

Published by Hampton Roads

Renowned for his powerful storytelling  in seminars and workshops, Ted Andrews' most popular story now comes to print. Through this moving story of two outcast children, you will be drawn into the wonders of the animal world. Their own love of animals and Nature propels them into an adventure that takes them through the heart of the Sun and into the Land of the Spirits. And only when they can bring their dream songs into the waking will they earn the last gift of the eagle:

They will learn how to speak with animals.

    "Andrews, author of the wisely conceived meatphysical series The Young Person's School of Magic and Mystery, knows that the best myths often have disappointing conclusions. With ties to both Native American and Russian folk traditions...this finely wrought story contains facets that shimmer with a sense of deja vu..."