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Animals and Nature




  Ted Andrews Animal-Speak Runes  B9781888767582  Bookstore Price  $12.48


   Animal-Speak Pocket Guide  B9781888767612  Bookstore Price  $3.48

  Feathered Omens  B9781888767568   Bookstore Price:  $12.48 

Animal-Wise Tarot B9781888767353     Bookstore Price:  $17.48

Animal-Wise B9781888767346     Bookstore Price:  $9.98

Animal-Speak Workbook B9781888767483    Bookstore Price:  $8.98

  Art of Shapeshifting B9781888767322   Bookstore Price:  $11.48

  Animal Greeting Cards I  B9781888767520Bookstore Price:  $7.48

   Animal Greeting Cards  II  B9781888767537   Bookstore Price:  $7.48

  Dreamsong of the Eagle B1571742948   Bookstore Price:  $8.48  

  Nature-Speak B9781888767377   Bookstore Price:  $11.48

  Nature-Speak Oracle B9781888767513    Bookstore Price:  $9.98



Magic and Mysticism

   The Intercession of the Spirits  B9781888767551   Bookstore Price:  $7.48

  Treasures of the Unicorn B9781888767254   Bookstore Price:  $6.48

  Psychic Protection B9781888767308    Bookstore Price:  $7.48

  More Simplified Magic B9781888767285    Bookstore Price:  $7.48

The Occult Christ B9781888767506    Bookstore Price:  $7.48

  Secret Doors of the Qabala B9781888767490    Bookstore Price:  $7.48



This title is no longer in print. Revised edition available in 2009.


Young Person's School of Magic & Mystery

Magic of Believing B9781888767438    Bookstore Price:  $9.48

  Psychic Power B9781888767407    Bookstore Price:  $9.48

Dreamtime Magic B9781888767384    Bookstore Price:  $9.48

  Star Magic B9781888767445     Bookstore Price:  $9.48

Spirits, Ghosts & Guardians B9781888767414     Bookstore Price:  $9.48

  Faerie Charms B9781888767421     Bookstore Price:  $9.48




Exercises in Psychic Protection CD B9781888767131  Bookstore Price:  $6.48

    Entering the Tree of Light (CD)  B9781888767124  Bookstore Price:  $6.48

Roses of Light (CD) B9781888767117     Bookstore Price:  $6.48

Upon Wings of Angels (cass.) B9781888767025    Bookstore Price:  $5.00

Mystery of Fire Spirits (cass.) B9781888767018     Bookstore Price:  $5.00

Uncover Your Past Lives (cass.) B9781888767032     Bookstore Price:  $5.00

  Psychic Protection (cass.) B9781888767049     Bookstore Price:  $5.00

 Discover Your Spirit Animal (CD) B9781888767094     Bookstore Price:  $6.48

  Entering the Tree of Life (cass.) B9781888767063     Bookstore Price:  $5.00