Animal-Speak Workbook

Animal-Speak Workbook


Ted Andrews

(ISBN 978-1-888767-48-3, Soft, 7x10,  224 pages, $17.95 US)

Animals are our guardians, our teachers and our message bringers from Mother Nature. From the author of the best selling books Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise comes a companion manual to guide you deeper into the animal world.

  • Learn to recognize message bringers in Nature.

  • Use domestic pets and animals as bridges to spirit animal guardians.

  • Open to the power of owl magic and healing.

  • Learn to make and use medicine shields.

  • Create a sacred journey staff and animal spirit masks.

  • Uncover the mysteries of shapeshifting.

  • Explore feather healing and magic.

  • Learn animal communication and telepathy.

  • Take sacred journeys into the animal realm.

  • Contains more than 20 magical activities for working with animals.